Y-27632, ROCK inhibitor

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Source M.W.320.26 CAS No.146986-50-7
Structural InfoY-27632, ROCK inhibitor
ReconstitutionBefore reconstitution, we recommend a brief spin to drive down any material dislodged from the bottom of the tube.  The compound is soluble in DMSO.
StabilityThe powder is stable for at least 2 year if stored at -20 degree C. The dissolved compound is stable for at least 1 month at 4 degree C, but should be stored in aliquots at -20 degree C for longer term.  Protect from light.
PurityGreater than 99% as determined by LC/MS analysis. LC/MS and/or NMR data available upon request.
Biological ActivityTested active for culturing human iPS cells in serum-free medium on Matrigel coated plates.
Country of OriginUSA

Y-27632, (1R,4r)-4-((R)-1-aminoethyl)-N-(pyridine-4-yl) cyclohexane-carboxamid-2HCl, is a Rho-associated kinase (ROCK) inhibitor.  Y27632 has been shown to prevent apoptosis as well as enhance the survival and cloning efficiency of dissociated human embryonic stem (ES) cells without affecting their pluripotency.

Ref: Watanabe, K., et al. (2007). A ROCK inhibitor permits survival of dissociated human embryonic stem cells. Nat Biotechnol 25: 681-686.