PSdif-Cardio, Cardiomyocyte Differentiation Kit

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    1. Monolayer format for homogenous differentiation
    2. Beating sheet or clusters as early as 7 days
    3. Reproducible in multiple cell lines
    4. Protocol as easy as A – B – C

PSdif-Cardio® is designed for cardiomyocyte differentiation of human pluoripotent stem cells (ESC or iPSC) grown as a monolayer culture.  The kit contains all necessary serum-free media formulated with polypeptide differentiation factors and modulators of the key cardiogenic pathways for a 3-step derivation of beating cardiomyocytes. It is optimized to use with the serum-free and feeder-free growth medium PSGro® (StemRD cat# PGro).  In independent beta testing of multiple human ESC and iPSC lines, the kit consistently generated cardiomyocytes at efficiencies higher than published monolayer protocols.