MSCprime, Primary MSC Isolation Medium

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Expansion of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) in serum-free media such as StemRD’s MesenGro® (now available as StemGro® hMSC Medium from Corning) is a critical step towards clinical application.

It has been found that isolation of primary MSCs from human tissues in serum-free media suffers from low efficiency due to a lack of cell adhesion proteins.

MSCprime® has been developed to resolve this deficiency. MSCprime® is a serum-free (no human or animal serum added) and chemically-defined (all ingredients are either purified or recombinant).

MSCprime® is available in 3 package sizes, and frozen in concentrated solution (25 X) 

Expected Results:
MSCprime®-isolated homogeneous/smaller MSCs subsequently expanded in MesenGro®:

Fig. 1 Fig. 2
Fig.1 shows MSCs isolated by MSCprime® expand faster in MesenGro® with more desirable morphology than in FBS in Fig.2.