Brown Adipocyte Differentiation Kit

2014-08-05 10:50:02 | 2199 Views

Human brown adipocytes can now be derived from pluoripotent stem cells (ES or iPS cells) by activating the classicVEGF stimulates proliferation and survival of endothelial cells, and promotes angiogenesis and vascular permeability. Expressed in vascularized tissues, it plays a prominent role in normal and pathological angiogenesis. StemRD’s VEGF-165 is made in human 293 cells as a 45kDa glycoprotein consisting of two 165 amino acid polypeptide chains.

We express and purify WNT proteins by using a proprietary process that is distinctive from the published protocol. Our method results in WNT proteins that are purer and more active than market-leading products which have been associated with non-specific artifacts.

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